Gabriel (AKA GABE)

Meet Gabe!! Gabe is one of our top lesson horses. Gabe is a registered buckskin gelding. He is 10 years old and as you can see he has never missed a meal LOL!


This is Semi! Can you tell why we named him Semi? Yep! He is a big 16 hands, paint, 12 year old Gelding. Semi is more for the advance beginner rider only because he is so big.


Now, this is our absolute favorite gelding. He is a 13 year old Arabian/Quarter horse gelding. This boy knows how to do it all and loves his job.


This little/big girl is Demi. Demi is 12 years old. This is our big jumper. She is a Pasofino cross, paint and absolutely amazing. She is for the advance rider, as she has lots of power.


Chief is one of our top dog boys. No matter what shape or size Chief will carry you. Mr. Chief is a draft cross that loves his job.


Black as tar but sweet as honey. Tars loves the little ones but also loves to take off and run with the experienced riders. He will dance and answer yes or no. Just ask him!

Butter Scotch

Mr. Butters is a big boy but not too big. He is a Clysdale cross gelding. He is for any confident rider.


Marley is a TWH cross. He doesn't exactly gate but he is a smooth ride. You can stand on him, crawl under him, just about anything. This boy loves attention of all kinds.


Whoops! She's not just fat, she's pregnant. This little girls has got spunk and attitude. Please notice all the other horses are geldings, and there is a reason for that.......spunk and attitude!


Tag your it!! Lol yes this is Tag. He is an awesome bot any advance rider can ride. He is barrel racing horse ready go. 


Joe Joe is my advance students favorite horse. Joe is a Paso fino cross gelding that loves to go and jump. Not for the beginners.


Don't let this girl make you think she is disabled because she is far from it! As you can see in this photo this little boy got the ride of his life. 

We will be adding more pictures and information on all our horse family  members soon!!!