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Gabriel (AKA GABE)

Meet Gabe!! Gabe is one of our top lesson horses. Gabe is a registered buckskin gelding. He is 13 years old and as you can see he has never missed a meal LOL!


Gunner is one of our top barrel Horses. He is a 7 year old gelding and loves his rider.


Now, this is our absolute favorite gelding. He is a 13 year old Arabian/Quarter horse gelding. This boy knows how to do it all and loves his job.


This little/big girl is Demi. Demi is 12 years old. This is our big jumper. She is a Pasofino cross, paint and absolutely amazing. She is for the advance rider, as she has lots of power.


Sharpi is a coming 3 year old mare. She is being trained on the barrels as we speak. She is one of a kind. Her looks are absolutely beautiful. She has her whole life ahead of her.


Zoey in a newly started barrel horse. She is race bred but her papers were never sent. She is doing great with her training and has much more to go.



This is one of Frieghtrain B's first born Fillies. Birthday May 28. 2021. Cant wait to see her grow and become and amazing girl. 


Cookie is one of our top wanted horses for the beginners. She loves a job and loves attention. She is a big girl but soft enough for the little ones.


Darlin is an all around amazing horse! She has been there done that and does it all good. This is one of my absolute favorite mares.


LJ stands for Linda Jay. She use to run on the track but did'nt win enough to stay. She is now learning the barrel pattern and doing well.


DD is a 3 year old off the track mare. She is clam and chilled and an amazing girl. She has been started on the pattern and doing quite well.


This little/big girl is Demi. Demi is 12 years old. This is our big jumper. She is a Pasofino cross, paint and absolutely amazing. She is for the advance rider, as she has lots of power.


This girl has all the cameras pointing at her. Gala is an amazing barrel horse. Her rider at this time is rocking a 17 second in Barrels and the sky is the limit.


Veda is one of our sweatest girls and our lesson kids favorites. She just had a baby May 28th so she is still on baby control. 

Butter Scotch

Mr. Butters is a big boy but not too big. He is a Clysdale cross gelding. He is for any confident rider.


Sonny is one of our young baby’s. He is about 4 years old and still learning. He is in the process of becoming a barrel horse. Advance rider only.


Poncho is one of our biggest geldings. He is for advance students only as he is so big and has a lot of speed and needs a little more handle.


Gumball is a 5 year old gelding running the barrels with this 7 year old. He loves his treats and is waiting for you at the gate.


Karen is one of our 1D/2D Barrel horses. She has to get to know you before she likes you. Super fast and full of muscles.


Teddy is a big Teddy bear and loves everyone and anyone. He was previously a heal horse and is now running barrels.


Maria is one amazing girl! She has got speed and loves to run but will slow down for the little ones. We have very few mares and this one in never leaving. 


Tag your it!! Lol yes this is Tag. He is an awesome boy any advance rider can ride. His rider and him are an amazing team! 


This beautiful girl is currently one of our lesson horses. She is a fox trotter cross. She is a sweet gentle girl that is ready to trot. She has a long beautiful main that everyone talks about.


Neon is a 3 year old quarter horse. She is being leased and she was recently started on the barrel pattern! She is very sweet and willing to learn!


Lilly was born here on our farm. Her momma is Maria. She is 2 years old and is doing great in her training!


Willow is a beautiful 15 year old Mare. She is currently a 4 D barrel horse with her rider. 


Pepper is a 10 year old mare who is under a lease contract for barrels. She is sweet and very sassy!


Sir Charles is my personal 1D Barrel horse. He is an old soul but know his job.


Chrome is race bred filly. Her blood lines are amazing! She was not a fit for the big tracks as she had no interest or drive. She is currently being trained for barrels and is learning more each day! She is very loving and energetic!


Attalla is one of 1D/2D barrel horses. Only a soft hand can ride her. She is right there following you in the pasture.


Holly is a 15 year old mare. She is a 3D mare and we use her as a backup at this time. She is best friends with my Charles. Lol! 


Jasmine was my first horse ever. She is the best horse I have ever had. Me and her are inseparable.


Haven is a 26 year mare with a lot of spunk! She has some attitude but works great with younger riders!


Meet Denver! She is one of the cutest ponies we have! Don't let her looks fool you. She is a running machine! Her and her rider are working to be the best barrel racers.


Meet Smore's! He is tiny but mighty! This little man loves the little one. He is always in the petting zoo and ready for those birthday parties.

Murphy B

Murphy B is Demi's stud colt. He is the cutest little man we have. His daddies name is Freightrain. He loves anything and everyone.


Sassy was previously owned by Fall0n Taylor. She just had he baby this year 2021. She is a barrel racing machine.

Sunny D

Mr Sunny D is Sassy's baby 2021. He is our newest edition to our family since Murphy is a month older. Cant wait to watch him grow!


Chip is our newest rescue. He is a young 3 year old Arabian gelding. He has a very sweet disposition. We will see which direction he wants to go.

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