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Up Coming Horse Shows!

2022 show series
We will continue to do a Buckle series however there will be a one time fee of $10 to be in the series. Those who do not opt into the series can ride for fun and money only. Those who are opt in will qualify for both money and buckles. Your points will not be kept unless you are opt in. If you do not join till the 2nd or third show your points for the earlier shows will not be counted. There is no minimum attendance to shows. Age groups are 12 and under and 18 and under as of January 1st. Adult class is 19 and above. Open is for all ages! All aged classes are $5 each and all open classes are pay outs for $10 each. 
Belt buckles will be broken into two categories Weave and Barrels. Barrels-Cloverleaf arena and Texas. Weave-poles cones and stake race. This will be a total of 6 buckles. Youth, Junior and Adult. There will be no open belt buckle as those classes will be pay out only. Pay out is 70% pay out with 10 or more!
Ribbons will still be given however we will be doing the Rosette ribbons for high point barrel and weave youth junior and Adult only 1st-3rd. We will still be doing 4 corners but it will still be an open event for $5.
Fun run- This will be a fun event that will be explained before the event. It could be the same event or changed at each show. This is also an open event for $5.
Arena Fee- This will be a $15.00 fee but if you pre register 24 hours prior your fee will be reduced to $10. This helps pay for the arena permit and tractor dragging.
Arena dragging- We will drag after each devision youth, junior and adult in each event. This should be a total of 18 drags.
Exhibitions- There will be availability for exhibitions on all events. You may purchase as many exhibition tickets and use them as you please throughout the show. Exhibitions will be pushed through quickly so if you’re not in line you will miss your chance. There will be a time slot given to help push the show to go faster.
Paying- All fees must be paid on the morning of the show and cash only. Other purchases concessions T-shirts and hoodies can be paid for with cash Venmo or Zelle.
Lead Line- We will have a lead line class For ages 12 and under. This is specifically for anyone that needs to be assisted with their horse meaning on a line or holding the horse. There will be a prize bucket for all riders that participate.

The Step N Stone Horse Show Series



The riders at the Step N Stone’s are searching for sponsors for our 2021 horse show series July-December. This is our 1st year of the show series and we have grown each year. In 2020 we averaged  25 riders/ show and believe we will have more participants for 2021. We have two separate series in 2021. The 1st series is the 1st Saturday of each month January-June. The 2nd series is the 1st  Saturday of each month June-December. We will have special events at shows throughout the series that encourage community participation for riders and non-riders. Sponsors help cover the costs of individual class awards (trophies/ribbons), end of the season award, arena costs, etc. Platinum & Gold level sponsors will have a banner (sponsor provided) displayed at each of the shows along with advertisement through announcements at the shows and social media. Any contribution to our show series will be greatly appreciated.

Please review the sponsorship opportunities attached here. We are sure there is a package that will meet your business’ needs and budget. Of course, we can create a special sponsorship for you as well. Please call or email if you are interested and if you have any questions contact us at 678-988-1701 or norajewell13@gmail.com

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Level - $500

               -Banner and Flag at each of the shows (We provided)    -Sponsorship announced at the shows

               -Sponsorship listed on social media & on the show sheet

               -Sponsorship printed on the show series’ t-shirt                

Gold Level - $250

               -Banner or Flag at each of the shows (sponsor picks we provide may pay extra for both)

               -Sponsorship announced at the shows

               -Sponsorship listed on the show sheet and on social media

Silver Level -$150

-Sponsorship listed on the show sheet     -Sponsorship announced at shows & listed on social media (Sponsor provides Flag)

Bronze Level - $100

-Sponsorship announced on social media (Sponsor provides Flag)

The Step N Stone

Horse Show Series Sponsor Form

Sponsor information: (please print or type)


Business name (how you’d like it advertised):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                




Sponsorship Information:

Sponsorship level □PLATINUM          □GOLD            □SILVER           □BRONZE      □OTHER

I plan to make this contribution in the form of    □Cash□Check□Paypal□Zelle□Venmo

Acknowledgement Information:

Please use the following name(s) in all acknowledgements:                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Signature:                                                                               Date:                                      

Please make all checks payable to:                                        `Melissa Baker

                                                              2420 John Petree Rd Powder Springs GA         30127